The Thrive Tribe Foundation (TTF) is a unique non-profit organization in the fight against HIV. By engaging our members to be active participants in their healthcare, we connect, empower, educate, and grow our community’s awareness on HIV, PrEP, healthcare, and substance abuse recovery.


What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to “End HIV transmission and stigma through peer-to-peer empowerment, building community, and connecting members to care.”

What is the organization aiming to accomplish?

The Thrive Tribe is a practical and relevant solution to mitigate the negative aspects of living with HIV/AIDS, for a demographic that likely, might not look elsewhere for assistance. When we say, “living with HIV", this includes not only the HIV-positive individual, but their friends, partners and loved ones as well.

Working through an interrelated network of supportive Tribes, we provide opportunities for people to learn, heal and Thrive. We offer healthcare navigation services, educational campaigns, esteem building and stigma reduction activities and we advocate for a more informed, accepting and compassionate society.

Your support helps create supportive communities that:

Keep positive people healthy
Keep negative people negative
Reduce stigma and isolation
Promote a status-neutral world where everyone thrives

What are the organization's key strategies for making this happen?

We assist our members, regardless of status, in navigating the complex healthcare system to guarantee that they are getting the very best treatment and support. This includes information and enrollment resources for all programs including The Affordable Care Act (ACA), AIDs Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), Health Insurance Premium Program (OA HIPP), Ryan White and Medical. We proudly boast nearly 20% of the total OA HIPP enrollees in the entire state of California.

What have they accomplished so far and what's next?

The Thrive Tribe has provided assistance, consultation, and support to thousands of men. Our new member orientations are provided free of charge and provide a safe open forum for positive men to share their experiences, concerns and successes with another poz-brother. Thousands of these “orientations" have helped us build real-world tools and strategies to assist each subsequent member navigate their HIV journey with ease and support.

We have assisted thousands in obtaining top-tier medical insurance through the ACA or the correct employer sponsored plan, linking them to premium assistance programs, and referring them to highly member-rated doctors in their area. The group has also provided assistance with PrEP education & access for our negative friends, as well as, linkage to care for hundreds of newly diagnosed or treatment naive positive brothers.

What We've Achieved

  • ADAP Enrollment

    Number of clients served

    2017 - 840 people

  • How many people will be provided with PrEP?

    2017 - 120

  • How many people will be linked to health care?

    2017 - 720

  • How many HIV-positive people will begin HIV treatment?

    2017 - 24

  • How many HIV-positive people will be supported to stay in care and succeed in HIV treatment?

    2017 - 700

  • How many HIV-positive people will achieve or maintain an undetectable viral Load?

    2017 - 700