Our Mission:

The Thrive Tribe Foundations’ mission is to end HIV through peer-to-peer empowerment, building community and connecting members to care.

Our plan to eliminate HIV transmission and stigma is embodied in The Thrive Tribe Creed. We challenge the nearly 20 years of “status quo” and apply today’s science to put an end to HIV once and for all. There are 4 steps to stopping HIV transmission and it’s your choice:

We Believe…

#1 – The Undetectable among us are not to be feared but embraced and celebrated. Consistent treatment is shown to virtually eliminate the spread of HIV. We are committed to ending HIV once and for all.

#2 – The PrEPared among us, who feel it necessary for their lifestyle – should have, obtain, & use PrEP effectively and responsibly. We believe in supporting them in solutions that work for them.

#3 – The Positive among us should reach out for treatment, get undetectable, end their isolation and no longer fear the stigma. We believe the community must support them on their journey to hope.

#4 – The Negative among us must get tested at least quarterly, use whatever prevention methods work for their lifestyle 100% of the time, and reach out for treatment if circumstances change.

Thrive Tribe Brotherhood
Thrive Tribe Friends

The Brotherhood is a community of professional, intelligent, gay men who are positive in status as well as attitude. We work to link our members to care and treatment – leveraging the experiences of each other. Through our fun, supportive, social and educational network, we strive to create a world in which we no longer feel stigmatized or challenged by our status. A world in which, on every level – We THRIVE!

The Friends is a community of ‘poz-friendly’ allies that provides a safe space for HIV-negative individuals to explore questions about HIV status, poz-neg coupling, and the current advancements in our understanding of HIV transmission. We consider it a duty to help men, who feel it necessary, to access and obtain PrEP. We seek to create a more informed, loving, compassionate community free of stigma and misinformation.