We are your fathers & mothers, brothers, & sisters, sons & daughters, friends & lovers – the voice of inspiration for our generation. We are a welcoming community dedicated to transforming lives, and celebrating diversity, where you are free to Love Who You Love.TM

We raise our voices in harmony to quiet the insidious cacophony of stigma, prejudice and shame. We exist to empower others with information, love, and a warm embrace. We share our stories of living, loving, and thriving to heal the scars of loneliness, stigma and untruths.

We don’t just exist – We THRIVE!

Our Mission is to achieve zero transmission of HIV with or without a cure, by reinventing the HIV story and developing connected communities through support and education.
Our Vision is to achieve zero transmission of HIV and create a status-neutral™ world where everyone Thrives.

The Brotherhood is a community of professional, intelligent, gay men who are positive in status as well as attitude. Through our fun, supportive, social and educational network, we strive to create a world in which we no longer feel stigmatized or challenged by our status. A world in which, on every level – We THRIVE!

The Friends is a community of ‘poz-friendly’ allies that provides a safe space for HIV-negative individuals to explore questions about HIV status, poz-neg coupling, and the current advancements in our understanding of HIV transmission. We seek to create a more informed, loving, compassionate community free of stigma and misinformation.

Tribe Families come together to form a virtual community to be of service, and provide education for family members of those diagnosed with HIV. The mission is to create a forum for these family members to share their fears, hopes and experiences around their loved ones diagnosis. A place where positive individuals can link loved ones to support and current information.

The Sisterhood provides a safe uplifting environment of commonality which serves as a springboard, empowering women to face and move past the stigma of HIV so they may live rich and productive lives. The bond created when women come together is a powerful force that can be harnessed for the benefit of each member.